082 – Hufflepuff Sweats

In this week’s general banter segment, the fellows discuss the Hufflepuff house from Harry Potter, Valentine’s Day presents, listener feedback from Doug & Jason regarding the podcast, listener feedback from Cheeto Bandito regarding Star Wars, the annual Asquith Saskatchewan hockey tournament, Nickel’s encounter with the Grey Cup and VF’s epic journey to digitize his original Star Wars VHS tapes.

Once again, its Nickel vs. VF vs. The Marvel Trivia Box, in everyone’s favorite new segment, “Marvel Trivia Box”.

In “Rapid Fire Review” we discuss books released on January 13, 2016, including Batman & Robin Eternal #15, Earth 2 Society #8, Gotham Academy #14, Robin War 2 (of 2), Lazarus #21, Black Magick #3, All-New Hawkeye #3, All-New X-Men #3, Extraordinary X-Men #5, and Secret Wars #9.

We then take a look ahead to the books coming out on January 27, 2016, before wishing our beloved listeners a hear-felt good evening. Stay safe kids!

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