079 – Finding Your Greatness (with Neil Cetrangolo)

We are finally¬†joined by the fantabulous Neil Cetrangolo from the Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Podcast (thanks to a fictitious “Make A Wish” campaign). Our topics of discussion include testicular injuries, fitness shaming and our pending ad in Curse of the Vessel #2, Neil’s expensive taste in things and stuff, VF’s prostate, masturbation rehab, VF’s basketball prowess, and the Green Up & History of Bad Ideas episode 100’s.

In “Comic News” we discuss the Batman v. Superman trailer, Star Wars and Jessica Jones.

We then¬†force listener Neil to join in on the “Marvel Trivia Box” segment.

We wrap up the show with an abbreviated discussion of comics released November 11, 2015, a look ahead to the comics coming out on December 10, 2015, and some Bon Jovi.

Thanks so much for listening.

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