077 – Happy Little Trees

This week on the Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast we tip our hats to Bob Ross and paint some happy little trees… metaphorically speaking. After getting two hour plus of audio problems, we get to recording, and slap together a fairly disjointed episode, even for us.

The “General Banter” segment includes a discussion of Nickel’s podcasting schedule and the History of Bad Ideas Nicolas Cage Special, Green Up’s 100th episode, A lovely and undeserved gift from Desmond Hassing, VF’s insurance woes, Twitch TV and of course, Bob Ross.

VF & Nickel partake in a showdown of incompetence in the “Marvel Trivia Box” segment.

In “Rapid Fire Review” we discuss comics released on October 21 & October 28, 2015, including Cognetic #1 (of 3), Hacktivist Volume 2 #4, Batman Eternal #3, Black Canary #5, Clean Room #1, Gotham Academy #11, Tokyo Ghost #2, Amazing Spider-Man #2, Invincible Ironman #2, Uncanny Inhumans #1, and Grimm Tales of Terror, Volume 2 #1, Batgirl #45, Grayson #13, We Are Robin #5, Black Magick #1, Manifest Destiny #18, Spread #11, They’re Not Like Us #9, New Avengers #2, and Valiant’s Book of Death #4 .

We wrap things up by taking some shots at Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks and playing some outtakes from the first 2 hours of the non-show.

Thanks for bearing with us through these trying times.  if you have any suggestions to improve the show, please email vf@graphicnovice.com

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