040 – The Wolverine Memorial Karaoke Jam

After months of teasing this tribute episode we finally managed to get a bunch of our friends together to pay our final respects to The Wolverine, following his tragic comic book death this past October.

Through a great deal of soul searching, and meditative contemplation, we realized that there was only one way to properly honor one of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes, and that ofcourse, would be through song.

Here at Graphic Novice, we’re not particularly good at getting facts correct, or even speaking in a coherent and engaging fashion, so we knew that a simple spotlight episode from us just wouldn’t have the impact something like this deserved.  Instead, we thought we might be able to trick some of our podcasting friends into recording off-key parody karaoke songs as a podcast memorial.  Somehow, the devious plan worked, and here it is…  Graphic Novice and Friends’ Wolverine Memorial Karaoke Jam.

In this heartfelt tribute we take a brief but poignant look at the life and times of James “Logan” Howlett, combining a discussion of historical Wolverine stories, and mix in some emotional tribute songs from some of our favorite podcasters.  If you can put up with our banter long enough, you’ll eventually hear Neil C. (Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks), VF (Graphic Novice), Ryan Beagley (Green Up), Nickel (Graphic Novice), Michael Leal (Who The What Now), Jeffrey Nau (The History of Bad Ideas) and Henno (Angela’s Awesome Podcast).

Born to Be My Logan – Neil C. (Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks) – 8:00
Wicked Game – VF (Graphic Novice) – 28:30
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry – Ryan Beagley (Green Up) – 50:30
Don’t Take Your Claws to Town – Nickel (Graphic Novice) – 1:04:30
Professor – Michael Leal (Who The What Now) – 1:19:45
Red Red Wine – Jeffrey Nau (The History of Bad Ideas) – 1:56:45
Henno – Logan Not Lola (Angela’s Awesome Podcast) – 2:21:00

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