016 – How The Grinch Stole Free Comic Book Day

We kick things off this episode with a discussion of Las Vegas, VF’s aversion to free comic book day,  and a quick nod to mother’s day. After clearing up some general conversation points left over from the week before, we proceed to our ironically named “Rapid Fire Review” segment.  This week we discuss Hacktivist #4, Batman Eternal #4, The Eltingville Club, Black Science #6, Deadly Class #4, Southern Bastards #1, Ten Grand #9, All-New X-Men #26, Amazing Spider-Man #1, Avengers #28, Hulk #2, New Avengers #17, Silver Surfer #2, Uncanny Avengers Annual #1, Wolverine #5, X-Force #4, and Origins II #5. Graphic Novice then welcomes its dedicated Equestria Correspondent, Brunellus, and we get an update on whats going on with My Little Pony these days before looking ahead to next week’s books.

2 thoughts on “016 – How The Grinch Stole Free Comic Book Day

  1. The only concern I have about a “What’s on VF’s Mind” segment, is the possibility that VF may not actually be present when we throw to the segment. There is always a possibility that VF has “peaced out” and is off doing his laundry, sorting his board games, or preparing next week’s grocery list. If we can get him to promise to sit through each show, I’m 100% on board with adding this segment to the show.

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