E.L.E. #1

ELE CoverE.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) #1
By: Jason Parsons, Francisco Quilez & Neko Punch
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After clearing some six month old marshmallow residue out from under the keys of my trusty electronic typewriter, I decided it was high time I contributed an article to the website. With our new staff writer, Desmond Hassing (@dhassing), cranking out the comic reviews, I started to feel some degree of shame, as his propaganda slowly bumped my previous offerings off the main page of our site.

It is with zero adulation that I make my un-triumphant return to graphicnovice.com by bringing your attention to a comic written and published by a friend of the show, podcast rock star, ginger-haired father of many, and genuinely alright guy… Jason Parsons.

Being that I consider the “Angry Ginger” a friend, I make no claims that this will be an unbiased or impartial review. I don’t think I could stand to look into his sad puppy dog eyes if I publicly denounced the book, nor live with his giant head if I spent an entire article gushing over his amazing literary achievements. Our time together on the Better Call Saul Companion podcast could get awkward either way… So instead, I will provide the synopsis, share some thoughts and leave the rest up to you.

As per the comic’s website, this is: a story of survival, told through the eyes of seven unique characters. Pandora Falls is a small tourist town nestled deep in the mountains. It’s a town where everyone knows each other’s business and for the most part they all get along. On the day of the town’s fall festival, we find everyone is busy with their day-to-day life. Almost nobody notices a glowing green comet crash-land in their own backyard! The events thereafter will change the course of their lives forever. IF they survive…

This first book does an efficient job of introducing the reader to the cast of characters as well as the town of Pandora Falls. For a book with an ensemble cast, it can be a considerable challenge to get the character development right, but Jason leaves us with a pretty good sense of who we’re dealing with, where they are, and how the various characters and the environment will interact.

ELE image 01                    ELE image 02

The story is as entertaining as any of the books I take home from the comic shop each week and the art is easily as engaging. The book has a very clean, professional and cohesive feel that sometimes eludes and independent offering of this sort. Conflict of interest aside, I enjoyed the book, and while I’m hesitant to betray the public’s trust as the internet’s most trusted reviewer of comics (self-proclaimed), I will assure you that it passed my most important test in that I finished this issue and was really excited to read the next one.

Take a chance and check it out for yourself, help support an independent comic, and if you like what you see, start pestering Jason and the gang to get that second book published.


Contact Jason Parsons at S7evendaysageek@gmail.com or @S7evendaysageek for more information about E.L.E.

As always, please direct all hate mail, requests for seductive polaroids, or in this case, needlepoint tips, to nickel at graphicnovice.com.

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