Jeff Martin’s War of 1812

Jeff Martin’s War of 1812 Volume 1: Redcoats-ish
Renegade Arts Entertainment
Written and Drawn By Jeff Martin


When Jeff Martin reached out to us about checking out his new published collection, “Redcoats-ish”, we were happy if a little slow to oblige. We here at Graphic Novice haven’t been nearly as diligent as we planned when it comes to reading, discussing and/or reviewing independent comics… but as a fellow Edmontonian and “fan” of the Edmonton Oilers, I sympathized with the pain and suffering that the past nine years of “hockey” have burdened him with, and knew that I needed to get to this sooner rather than later… so I moved this up the queue a little and jumped the gun on my fellow co-hosts.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was pretty skeptical when my copy of “Redcoats-ish” first arrived in the mail. I haven’t followed a strip or web comic consistently for a while now, so the format and the caricature black and white art were a sharp contrast to the stack of books I pick up at the comic shop every week.  As I started reading though, it certainly didn’t take very long at all for the quick humor, hilarious dialogue, and underlying story to win me over.  I actually ended up putting the comics I was supposed to have read for our podcast aside so that I could continue reading about George Morton, John Pink and the rest of the cast.


Jeff Martin’s War of 1812 takes a look at the trials and tribulations of war through the eyes of some of the most incompetent soldiers you’ll ever meet. It collects the complete 101 comic strip run of a weekly web-comic featuring the misadventures of John and George, two not so fearless men of the Canadian militia. Heeding the call to defend Canada against the invading American army, John and George are now doing their best to be heroes, whilst also working hard to avoid battles, marching, danger or anything else that involves effort.

In Jeff’s own words “There are already lots of stories about soldiers who are GOOD at stuff. So let’s see some guys who wouldn’t have come close to being recruited if the standards were higher than “anyone who can carry a musket”.

The story is humorous, entertaining and even educational, as I found myself occasionally stopping to read up on the War of 1812 to follow along with the adventure unfolding in the book. Sadly, as I continued reading, I realized that this might be the most relatable war story I’ve ever read, as I, too, would be shamefully more interested in retreat and sandwiches, than glory or honor.


Personally, I find no value in visiting a website that pumps out positive reviews for every book, or every creator that reaches out to them. However, Redcoats-ish totally won me over on something I might not have picked up otherwise.  I’m glad I purchased a copy, and I can’t wait to read more.  Im glad that this is just the first volume, and can’t wait to read more.

You can find Redcoats-ish at:

The Renegade Arts Entertainment website:


Or eventually, I’m told, at Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


You can reach Jeff Martin at Rent-A-Thug comics or on Twitter at @HEATcomic.

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