Graphic Novice on Geek Life Radio

The Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast is proud to join the line-up at Geek Life Radio, and can be heard every Saturday Night at 11pm Central Time on  Graphic Novice will join a line-up of quality independent podcasts, including several shows from their very own Musings of a Geek Podcast Network.

While the late-night time slot seemed to fit the uncensored nature of the podcast, the hosts confirmed that they chose the graveyard shift, and were surprisingly offered several time slots during the day.  All three regular hosts of the podcast agreed that the show was much more entertaining when the listeners consume a few beverages, or really tired.

While the Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast will always be available on demand on this website, or through services like Stitcher Radio and iTunes, we encourage you to check out for all the great shows and content, and join us at 11pm on Saturday nights for some sexy and provocative late night comic book discussion.



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