Graphic Novice Episode 20 Preview


On Monday June 9, 2014, the Graphic Novice super-team will show up in the studio with beverages at the ready, to celebrate their 20th episode.  While the concept of a celebration might seem a bit self-indulgent, no one thought the three miscreants that host this show would have the follow-through to record even 1 hour, never mind the 40 hours + of the podcastin’ mediocrity we have posted to date.

WalkingDead TPB1Starting with Episode 20, we’ll be introducing a new segment that we’re really excited about, and we hope some of you might want to join in on…  In an attempt to catch up with the 128 Walking Dead issues currently published, we will be starting with the first trade paperback (Issues #1-6) and reviewing/analyzing/discussing a new trade every second podcast episode.  We’re only 40 podcast episodes away from catching up!  Read along with us as we tackle the first of the 20 trade paperbacks currently available (yes, we are aware that there will be more by the time we’re caught up).

We will also be welcoming friend of the show, executive producer, and a ‘nay-sayer turned believer’ to join us.  After we recorded episode 1, our dear friend Fred made a few bets banking on us giving up fairly early.  The recording of Episode 20 has meant that Fred has had to read 5 ongoing comic series of our choosing, and must now make a long-awaited appearance on the show. We’ll discuss his opinion of the books he’s reading, how he’s enjoyed reading comics again after a long hiatus, and of course, his mastery of reverse psychology and motivational techniques.

In the ironically named “Rapid-Fire Review” segment, we’ll discuss the Afterlife With Archie trade paperback, Big Trouble in Little China #1, The Woods #2, Batman Eternal #9, Future’s End #5, ’68 Rule of War #3, Nailbiter #2, Rise of the Magi #1, All-New X-Factor #9, Amazing X-Men #8, Amazing X-Men Annual #1, Black Widow #7, Captain America #21, Cyclops #2, Iron Fist The Living Weapon #3, Magneto #5, Moon Knight #4, Original Sin #3, Punisher #6 and Grimm Fairy Tales #98.

As always we’ll also take a look at what’s coming out during the week we record, and mix in as much talk about hockey, musings of a geek network news, and other completely off-topic subjects as VF will allow before he starts editing stuff out.

We are currently discussing some format changes that might include focussing more on a smaller number of books, as well as some segments where Nickel is not permitted to talk.  We’d really appreciate any feedback you might have regarding the show moving forward.

Thanks to Digitizer101 for the awesome “fan/critic” art.  We love it, although you should have made the Nickel character a little more muscular if you wanted to reflect real life.

As always, hate mail can be sent to Nickel at, along with any tips on grooming vicious attack Bison. 

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