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Wynter #1When the good folks at New Worlds Comics asked us to take a look at Wynter #1, we were honored and a little apprehensive.  So apprehensive, that we almost turned down the preview copy.  I was sure that the publisher would appreciate our reviews, but it would seem like poor form if we ended up criticizing the book…

Fortunately, I’m not going to have to sensor myself.  Had I not gotten my hands on a copy of this book, I would have missed out on one of the more refreshingly unique and enjoyable books I’ve experienced in some time.

The story itself revolves around Liz Wynter and her struggle to feel special in what appears to be a dystopian future where establishing a sense of individuality or a unique identity is literally impossible.  Information has become instantly accessible, and the omnipresent statistical analysis within her own head seems to remind our protagonist of her lack of distinctiveness at every turn.  In fact, the cover of this issue tells us that despite her appearance or efforts to the contrary, “Liz Wynter is no one special”.

The opening few pages do a great job of portraying Liz’s struggle and introducing us to the main character.

Wynter 1 Page 4

The creative team does a nice job developing the main character throughout the issue and introducing the reader to the world within which the book takes place.  The writing, the art, and the layout all have a nice synergy that sets the tone for the book, and the story itself is refreshingly unpredictable and engaging from start to finish.

The art is stylized and attractive but does have moments where it can be a little tougher to follow than what the average reader might be used to.  Combined with an unfamiliar abundance of dialog boxes, and indistinct panels throughout the book, this book may require a little extra work on the reader’s part… but the final product and result is well worth the effort.

The characters, plot and aesthetic of this book are all accessible and engaging.  It ends with a twist that few people will see coming, and left me wishing I could get started on issue #2.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone, and while I understand the publisher’s digital-only approach, I was left wishing I could get my hands on a print copy of this book.

Wynter #2 comes out April 30, 2014.


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