Graphic Novice Episode 8 Preview

Original 16After a quick stop at the beer store, we’re heading back to the Graphic Novice Studios this evening to record Episode 8 (Release Date: March 7, 2014).  After we solve a few of the world’s problems and determine the proper ointment for VF, odds are, we’ll eventually get around to discussing some comics.

In our Rapid-Fire Review segment, we take a quick look at all the books we read and didn’t read from the week (or weeks) past.  In Episode 8, we’ll spend a minute or two discussing what we liked and didn’t like about Hacktivist #2, Crossed Badlands #28, Tomb Raider #1, All-Star Western #28, Talon #16, Wake #6, My Little Pony Friends Forever, Wraith Welcome to Christmasland #4, Black Science #4, Deadly Class #2, Walking Dead #122, Fantastic Four #1, Guardians of the Galaxy #12, Hawkeye #15, Miracleman #3, Origin II #3 (of 5), Superior Spider-Man #28, Uncanny Avengers #17, Wolverine #2, Wolverine and the X-Men #42, and D4VE #3.

During our Round Table Discussion, we’re extremely excited to hook up with Michael Whitehead and learn more about his Comics for Kids initiative.

During the Books of the Week (which is actually the books of over a week ago) segment , each host has chosen a book that they want to talk about, as we discuss Alex and Ada #4, Jennifer Blood #36, and return to the Back Issue Review segment with Fantastic Four #2 (1962).

We’ll wrap things up by looking ahead at what’s coming out next week, and letting everyone know what we have planned for an exciting, brightly colored and landmark Episode 9.

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