Pony Up: The Road to Equestria

fabio on a horseI have a friend who goes by the name of Doc.  You may know this fellow, or at least know of him, since he writes a few articles around here and also hosts our podcast.  He has an irrational hatred of raccoons, loves boy bands, got his medical degree from a food truck in El Salvador, and as of last week is now Graphic Novice’s resident expert on all things related to “My Little Pony”.

(For the record, he was also recently voted third-best looking member of our team.)

Episodes 5 and Episode 6 of the Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast were recorded during the Sochi Winter Olympics, and to make things interesting, a bet was made on the final standings of the men’s hockey teams.  Was it wise to pit oneself against Nickel’s vast knowledge of this great sport?  No, it was not…  And when the Canadian team defeated US team in the semi-final, I (Nickel) was awarded the chance to add one title to Doc’s comic file for a year.  Not only would he have to bring this new comic book home every month, he would also have to review the issues on our podcast whenever they were released.

The question of what book to choose is not a decision I took lightly.

Ol’ Doc has been on my case for some time about the fact that I pick up Peanuts comics, and so, it was the first book that came to mind.  Sure, I do have to wander over to the children’s section to get the books sometimes, but they remind me of the simple happy times of my childhood, reading Snoopy books on the porch of my grandparent’s cabin, while the aroma of grandma’s cooking filled the air.  Doc’s constant jabs at Charlie Brown and the gang might have made Peanuts the perfect choice, but I still felt like I could do better.  There were books that he just dropped, books I knew he hated, or I could have just used this opportunity to make him read something I really enjoy (besides Peanuts).

But, in the end, I felt like there needed to be a level of embarrassment attached to this wager.  And what would embarrass a guy who proudly leans towards the more violent and adult end of the comic book spectrum?  Well, I could think of no better choice than “My Little Pony”.  With the firm stereotype that this was not only a children’s book, but a girl’s children book, I finally informed Doc of my final decision.  I could think of nothing more embarrassing for Doc than parading up to the counter at his comic shop, and paying for a book featuring pink and purple cartoon ponies.


Interestingly enough however, I was swiftly and angrily informed that my stereotypes were unfounded after winning this little parlay, and that noone should feel embarrassed to pick up a “My Little Pony” title.  “Those are great books!” I was told (mostly via twitter)…  Between our discussion during Episode 7, and the disapproving reaction of my girlfriend when I explained the situation, I started to feel a little bit bad about trying to make a joke out of My Little Pony (not really).  The people love their Ponies…  So while I don’t think you’ll see me at a Bronycon any time soon, I guess maybe I will have to try to and open my heart and mind to the world of the ponies.

Pony Bouquet(My girlfriend has happily suggested we watch some episodes of My Little Pony together, but I can’t help but feel that would be doing a great disservice to the spirit of this wager.   This is Doc’s journey to experience and enjoy, not mine.)

So what was the point of this article?  Well… we’re (kind of?) happy to announce that Graphic Novice will now offer a lot more “My Little Pony” content…  We might even convince Doc to buy both of the MLP titles… and… if anyone else wants to send Doc a bouquet of ponies, I will be more than happy to send you his contact address.

As always, send your hate mail, photos of puppies, and constructive criticism to Nickel at Graphicnovice.com

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  1. I like to think I’ve been open and inviting to the MLP world and all that comes with it. Including finding my desk covered with ponies last week…which is how I whipped up that sweet pony bouquet. While MLP wouldn’t be my first pick to add to my pull, I do plan to embrace it with reviews, news, and perhaps even a sweet pony tattoo. Stay tuned dear listener!

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