RIP Good Books, Hello Crap

ripjbThe loss of Jennifer Blood from my pull list has rocked me to the core.  Couple that with the All-Star Western scare of ’14 and the announcement of Fatale coming to a close and and I’m a near mess with the idea that all my good books are dryin’ up.  All this in the middle of my pull recession.  Fuck.

First off, let’s talk about the pull.  I’ve been maintaining a 40+ book pull for a couple of years now.  Got a little of everything on there and combined with supplies and off handed buys, I’m running about $150/mth on comics.  I mention this because this is one of those full disclosure chats, and I don’t want you thinking I’m some kind of comic addict like Nickel.  All is well and good, except it isn’t.

With 40+ books a month I’m basically living pull to pull.  No sooner then I put down the last book of the pull stack, then I’m off to pick up the next. When you read that many books, they tend to run together.  Even worse when you read a bunch of adult themed ultra violent and over sexed short runs like me.  So anyway to do this podcasting thing right, I feel like I really need to engage the comics I’m reading.  Right now, that’s not happening, too much filler to enjoy the read meat.  So reason one, to focus.

Reason two is even simpler.  Half the books on my pull are lack luster shit.  Pure and simple, I pick up books to see what they are about, and cling to them out of loyalty.  Birds of Prey, Black Widow, Uncanny Xmen are not bad books, but not worth the spot on my pull. I can think of 10 more just like it.  Bounce, Sex, Bedlam…

So that’s why I decided to trim a few books off my pull.  Now the good part.  There are no less than half a dozen short runs on my pull right now.  I’m going to just let those expire and not jump to replace them.  Easy peazy and I don’t really have to give up shit to make it happen.  But that’s not the problem, let’s get down to the ugly.

Jennifer Blood and Fatale are books I picked up very early in my comic life.  They might have been the first comics I bought as an adult actually.  Seeing ’em go has been a bit of a bummer.  Sure J Blood has kind of sucked, as it turned to shit, but it was still there in the beginning.  Fatale is in a class all it’s own, sorry to see it go.

So here I am, realizing I’m about to cut my pull by 25%…and I can’t be happier about it.  Sure the nostalgic guy in me is sad to see some of the first comics I got into fly away (that was a badass Birds of Prey pun), but I also feel like I’m refining my tastes a bit.  Now I’ll have more time to study entrails in the most recent crossed, if you look close you can make out lunch.

4 thoughts on “RIP Good Books, Hello Crap

  1. I couldn’t agree more Sue. I’m ashamed of myself, just ashamed. I know you’re probably a long time listener, and all around fan, so I feel like I personally let you down. Let me make it up to you in April, we are in desperate need of a d-bag of the month…if I may honor you m’lady?

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