The Bunker #1

the_bunker_coverLast week I went out on a limb and picked up The Bunker #1 from Oni Press.  Since I’m not a Oni reader, and I don’t know shit about the writers or artist, I didn’t really know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised.  It’s an interesting book concept, and the art ain’t too shabby either.  The lead up to release was previewed by a slick web-site, and the team behind the book has some serious comic chops, so don’t go thinking I really put myself out there on this book.

Chops you ask?  Sure, it’s Joshua Hale Fialkov, who wrote the awesome turned meh I, Vampire for DC (why oh why did you let them talk you into that crossover?) and Joe Infurnari (MUSH!, and Marathon) on art.  Given the complexity of the plot, maintaining two time periods, and a host of characters, I’m going to guess that penning this thing requires some serious white boarding.

The book is about a group of college age friends who happen upon a time capsule apparently buried by themselves…several years in the future.  Get it?  Interesting right, how many times have you wondered what you’d tell yourself if you could travel to the past.  Buy Apple?  Bet on the Blues in 2014?  Don’t bother dating that bitch who gave you herpes?  That and more right?

The group quickly realizes this isn’t an elaborate hoax as they read letters to themselves, from themselves.  Each letter contains enough detail. it’s impossible to dispute they came from their future selves.  They also detail the result of each person’s actions on the future, but none alone explain how it all comes to be.  This leaves the group in various places of mistrust and often denial.  These characters are clearly entwined with one another, but not necessarily in the ways they might expect.

The premise is intriguing and done in a way that compels you to pick up the next issue.  This isn’t a kiddy book so don’t bother picking it up for your 12 year old – plenty of sex and adult themes throughout.  However if you’re looking for a St Elmo’s Fire meets the Twilight Zone, this might be a good pick.

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