Honey do I look fat in this sweater?

All New X-factor issue #1

All New X-factor issue #1

There is a certain point in every person’s life where they start to second guess their choice from the menu at the restaurant. Should I order that Hawaiian burger and fries or should I just get the grilled chicken sandwich?

Well at least in between tough life decisions like this, I’m able to take a break and enjoy a few good comic books.

Take for example All-New X-factor.

I was a little disappointed when I first read that Peter David’s current run was coming to an end yet pleasantly surprised to find out shortly thereafter it was rebooting with the series taking an “all new direction with an all new cast”. Yeah that sounded a bit familiar to me as well.

That burger sure does look good.

It’s been a couple of months since the debut of the All-New X-factor and I must say it’s looking to shape up to be something fun and interesting. What we’ve discovered so far is that a large corporation named Serval Industries “one of the world’s most trusted names in electronics and leader in cutting-edge internet and weapons technology” has purchased the name “X-factor” from Jamie Maddrox (aka Multiple Man) and rebranded it as their own personal superhero team led by former member Polaris. Along the way we’ve seen her step-brother Quicksilver and Gambit join this new, corporate sponsored team and a few more to appear in the future as issue one’s cover has shown.

I could go ahead and order the burger and just go the gym for an extra amount of time. I did have a pretty rough day and should treat myself. I deserve it. Damn. Who am I kidding. I only went to the gym once last week and now I’m trying to convince myself of putting in the extra time?

All New X-factor issue #2

All New X-factor issue #2

Carmine Di Giandomenico has been providing the interior art for the series at the moment and I’ve been enjoying it so far. His work tends to lean a bit on the thin ink lines without much emphasis on shadows and thicker brushwork. With this type of art you really need a colorist who knows how to work it. Lee Loughridge had been assigned to this task and I’m sure it has been a challenge for him so far. There are a few pages where I think it could have used a little extra work, but overall I don’t have any complaints.

Hi! We’re doing great today. Thanks. Can we have a couple of waters. Anything else? Sure I’ll have a beer. What? No. No pitcher today (I’m watching my weight!) I’ll have the 22 ounce instead.

Sigh…and I’ll have the grilled chicken.

I do want to take a moment and mention how wonderful I think the cover designs by Jared Fletcher have been so far. The solid color backgrounds and choice of isolating team members within this along with the “sponsored by Serval Industries” tagline on the bottom is a nice touch. If cover designs like this, along with David Ajas work on Hawkeye, are any indictation of the future at Marvel count me in. I’m a sucker for some clever graphic design.

All New X-factor issue #3

All New X-factor issue #3

Without spoiling anything, Peter David has lifted the curtain a bit to show us the readers that things might not be as stable as they appear to be in the latest issue. The interactions and dialog between Polaris, Gambit and Quicksilver has been a fun read and I must say I’m interested to see what happens now. I recommend checking this series out if you’re a fan of his writing or at least hang on for a trade and read the first arc in on sitting to fully enjoy it.

I really wanted that Hawaiian burger.

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