Shut up or I will Punch you in the Throat

Isn’t just a phrase you overhear the woman at the grocery saying to her kid anymore (true story).  It appears my favorite hero is back this summer in a 4 part action packed short run.  That’s right Shang-Chi (also the name of my first born (not true)), is getting his own book, if even for a limited run.

imagesWe’ve been seeing Shang-Chi show up in a lot of books lately, most recently the Avengers runs, but he hasn’t had his own book a few years.  The fellas over at have a great write up about the book and interview with the writer.  While I’m a little disappointed this will be a Deadly Hands book instead of a Master of, I’m still pretty excited.  Our faithful listeners already know this, but for the rest of you late comers, Master of Kung Fu was the first comic I ever read.

When I was a kid, the hippy that lived in the shack down the road used to come over now and then and it wasn’t uncommon for him to bring some comics with him.  Mostly Kung Fu’s with a few Richy Riches tossed in for good measure.  These were clearly overstock as they were missing their titles, but at the time I wasn’t hip to how distribution worked so I just assumed said hippy was the one cutting off the title.  I had this imagine of his hippy shack being plastered with Master of Kung Fu title art.

Anyway, Shang-Chi will always be near and dear to my heart.  I love the fact that he’s fighting dudes on fire, dudes with super strength, dudes with laser vision, yet all he has is his own badass-ness and his two face breaking fists.  Watch for this book this summer, gonna be a romp.

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